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Game is in the process of development, check back later. Demo is down.


Alien ants have ravaged and roamed the lands for millions of years. Building cities and colonies that eclipsed time. Through there advanced tech they where able to build mechs and ships. They built empires throughout the galaxies. No one stood in there way, or so they thought. Aliens are both peaceful and warrior. They had there own Gods that they worshiped, much like the humans worship the god that created earth. One day an advanced ai known as spearhead from planet Nexus tried to take the lands of the alien ants. No one knows who created spearhead, or how it became self aware. It took over whoever made it and destroyed there world, and now its going after the Alien ANts. One things for sure though, ALiens " aint no bitches." ALien ANt world.

This is the only website that this game is currently hosted on. So, this is the only place to donate for the game.

How to play: close distance to get into Ant-assault-meck, AWSD = movement, Tab- switch weapons on ant-assualtmeck, Left Mouse down = fire,Space bar = jump. f2 to exit Ant-assault-meck.

Created by DK+ VK and team.


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this game looks amazing! please keep us posted.