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Set In a distant future an advanced robotic AI known as spearhead has unleashed a devastating attack on planet Nexus. Many galaxies are conquered and colonized. However, Nexus with its powerful technology and fighter ships is able to withhold Spearhead. Spearhead uses blood to power the cities they build off conquered lands through energy transfer machines. Similar to the way mosquito's get energy from blood. Underestimating you, you battled your way out of the large ship to Commandeer a smaller ship. Now seeking revenge, you try to destroy the robotic AI infrastructure and free any slaves in the process. Fly your way to each robotic world and free the enslaved if you choose. Team up with other advanced lifeforms or battle against them. Become a tyrant, a conqueror, or set people free. It is your choice in ALien ANt world.

Reward one: Those that support my game and donate 20.00 or more dollars will receive early access to the multiplayer version In the month of Jan or earlier depending on how fast it is finished. Keys will be given via email. Limited quantity (500) Keys.

Reward two: Your own boss creature, spaceship, or robot in game $100.00. (give me a picture or input, i'll make a model of it and incorpoarate it into the game. Limited quantity (30).

How to play: AWSD = movement, Left Mouse down = fire,Space bar = fly, or jump depending if you are in a space ship.

Created by D+V.

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Published173 days ago
StatusIn development
Tags3D, Action, adventure, ships, Shooter, Space, video-game, weapons
Asset licenseAll rights reserved
Average durationA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
Player countSingleplayer